EVENT DETECTIONSeismicAI Issues Earthquake Warning for Destructive Event in Turkey

SeismicAI Issues Earthquake Warning for Destructive Event in Turkey

SeismicAI pilot system alerted on a massive earthquake on February 6th 2023, 01:17:34 GMT (local Turkey time: 04:17:34), the first of two major earthquakes in Turkey, which reached a destructive 7.8 Mw.

The event was detected by SeismicAI’s stations located in Northern Israel, 500 km from the epicenter of the earthquake. SeismicAI’s system alerted on this event 101 seconds before the major shaking in Haifa.

After the event, SeismicAI also detected dozens of aftershocks in Israel.

Thanks to its Array technology, supporting earlier alerts and increased reliability, SeismicAI can issue an early earthquake warning for events throughout Israel.

The earthquake in Turkey was the most powerful in 20 years, generating widespread destruction and multiple aftershocks.

In Israel, the area most prone to earthquakes is the Dead Sea area, or the “Great Rift Valley”. Much historical and geological findings testify to multiple destructive earthquakes throughout history.

Epicenter: 37.226°N 37.014°E

Origin Time: 6.2.23, 01:17:34 GMT

Detection time: 6.2.23, 01:18:49 (GMT)

Alert time for Haifa, Israel (530 km from epicenter) – 101 seconds before major shaking

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