Set up

We place seismic stations as close as possible to the seismically-active area, with an average distance of 25km-50km between stations


Calibrate and Tune

Our non-empirical seismic models require just a few weeks, rather than months, of tuning and calibration to become fully operational



We continuously monitor seismicity whether it’s within or outside of the seismic network. For each detected event, the system pinpoints the epicenter’s precise location, calculates its size, and estimates ground shaking at any remote location



When the estimated ground shaking at a customer site exceeds a predefined threshold, the system sends an alert stating the time of the event, its magnitude, and the estimated arrival time of destructive waves



The alert triggers automated preventive measures, such as shutting down electricity, closing gas valves, and sounding public alarms when necessary


Manage Recovery

The system generates post-earthquake shake maps to help manage first responders’ priorities and quickly address the most impacted areas

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