InterviewsSeismologist Spotlight #3: Can SeismicAI upgrade EEW systems for accurate early alerts?

Seismologist Spotlight #3: Can SeismicAI upgrade EEW systems for accurate early alerts?

Seismology spotlight #3

Featuring: Dr. Andreas Samuel Eisermann, a Senior Seismologist at SeismicAI, who holds a doctorate from Universität Stuttgart Institute of Geophysics and a post-doctorate from Tel Aviv University, where he headed the Real-Time Seismology Laboratory.


Seismic alert systems are installed in many places worldwide, but they still don’t issue an earthquake alert in real-time. Can SeismicAI upgrade these systems and enable them to issue precise, early alerts?

Dr. Eisermann:

SeismicAI can upgrade local seismic monitoring networks worldwide to enhance them with real-time alert capabilities. It has done so in Turkey, Israel, Chile, Panama, New Zealand, Canada, Texas, Oklahoma and other countries.

An earthquake early warning system requires a sufficient density of accelerometers in order to provide ample lead time. In seismic monitoring networks where the density is not high enough, SeismicAI implements its patented Array technology in strategic points close to the target site, which increases lead time. An Array can be installed in just a few weeks.

With SeismicAI technology, Arrays operate with low-latency communication and swift triggering, and an alert can be triggered using just two stations, rather than the four stations which were previously required.

Of course, SeismicAI is not limited to upgrading existing networks; it can also implement its Array technology in areas which previously did not have any seismic network installed.