EVENT DETECTIONSeismicAI Detects Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake in Chile

SeismicAI Detects Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake in Chile

SeismicAI pilot system detected and issued an alert on a magnitude 4.9 earthquake Southeast of Calama, Chile, which took place on 19.6.23, at 02:23:08 (UTC) – 22:23 local time.

Chile is characterized by the highest risk levels globally for earthquakes and tsunamis. The most powerful earthquake ever recorded, with a magnitude of 9.5, took place in Chile in 1960. It left 2M people homeless, with 1655 casualties and damages estimated at billions of dollars. It also generated a tsunami that destroyed communities along the coast of New Zealand, Japan, and the Philippines.

SeismicAI currently has a variety of activities in the Americas, including a subsidiary in Mexico and collaborations with research institutions, civil organizations and industrial alliances in North America.

Date: 02:23:08 (UTC) – 22:23 local time

Origin time: 02:23:08 (UTC)

Detection time: 02:23:36

Magnitude: 4.9

Epicenter: -22.644, -68.738

Depth: 118.6 km

Lead time for Antofagasta (203 km from epicenter): 40 seconds