Protect Your Oil & Gas Facility with an Earthquake Early Warning

Be prepared for earthquake risks and maximize the continuity of your Oil & Gas facility. Save up to billions of dollars with an earthquake early warning system that alerts before the destructive waves hit. Mitigate damages to your Oil and Gas facility, operations and team, and reduce out-of-pocket insurance payments.



SeismicAI innovative earthquake early warning provides accurate, swift alerts in Oklahoma, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, and more.

Vital Preventive Actions

SeismicAI allows time for performing critical preventive actions.

Alerting Only for

True Risks

SeismicAI’s high-precision technology reduces false positives and ensures that complex, costly infrastructure adaptations or shutdowns occur only when needed.

Reports for Faster Back-to-Business

24/7 monitoring and reporting pinpoint facility maintenance issues, including those generated by mild shaking, to accelerate back-to-business.

The Only Earthquake Early Warning System with a Performance Guarantee

Reflecting SeismicAI’s confidence in the reliability its solution, the company provides its customers with a performance guarantee for its Earthquake Early Warning system.

How Can We Help you?

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