EVENT DETECTIONFebruary 2023 Turkey Earthquakes

February 2023 Turkey Earthquakes

Two destructive earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 struck Turkey and Syria on February 6th, 2023. SeismicAI’s closest system, located in about 500km distance in Israel, issued an alert for light shaking for North Israel around array IL07.
For Istanbul, in some 800km distance, no alerts were triggered.

The issued alerts are as follows:

2023-02-06 01:17:36.1 UTC CENTRAL TURKEY (37.17 N, 37.08E) Mw 7.8

Mon, Feb 06 2023, 01:19:00 GMT:

Regional Warning issues alert for North Israel (transparent circles), more than one minute before the S-phase and surface waves arrive.

Mon, Feb 06 2023, 01:19:32 GMT:

Local amplitude based warning (orange circles) started at station IS.SHGL.21 and ended with 67 stations. The maximum MMI was 3.67. The warning radius was 32.7km.

2023-02-06 10:24:49.6 UTC CENTRAL TURKEY (38.11N, 37.24E) Mw 7.5

Mon, Feb 06 2023, 10:27:38 GMT:
Local amplitude based warning started at station IS.SPR.21 and ended with 66 stations. The maximum MMI was 2.96. The warning radius was 12.95km.

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