Case StudiesCase Study: Canada

Case Study: Canada


  •  Canada is exposed to seismic risk, particularly offshore events along the west coast and inland along the St. Lawrence River
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the country’s geological agency, closely cooperates with the USGS and is currently establishing a national EEW network


  • NRCan deployed two SeismicAI pilot stations along the St. Lawrence River near Montreal in 2019 in order to study our system
  • The stations were deployed on farmland and had to contend with both “noise” generated by agricultural machinery and extreme temperatures


  • SeismicAI delivered a final report to NRCan that included a register of accurately logged events captured in real time for a range of magnitudes
  • We are currently in discussions for integrating SeismicAI solutions within NRCan’s planned national networkscussions for the integration of SeismicAI solutions within NRCan’s planned national network.
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