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SeismicAI’s unique earthquake and tsunami early-warning solutions are designed for both enterprises and governmental bodies. Our commercial solutions provide 24/7 seismic monitoring and relevant streaming data that trigger customer-defined alerts and automated, preventive actions at unprecedented lead times. They also feature shake intensity maps that immediately indicate the exact areas impacted by a large seismic event. Leveraging our earthquake early warning (EEW) networks, SeismicAI also provides accurate nearshore tsunami early warning solutions.

Equipped with a monitoring dashboard that seamlessly integrates with any command-and-control or mass-alert system, our solutions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of public safety bodies, smart cities, national early warning network providers, critical infrastructure bodies, and industrial companies. Saving lives while ensuring business continuity, SeismicAI’s earthquake and tsunami early warning solutions increase resilience and lower environmental damage across cities, regions and countries worldwide.

Our system offers the highest level of reliability and accuracy necessary for integration with any C2 or mass-alert system to trigger instant preventive actions, enhancing public confidence and mitigating damage to assets

Our system operates around the clock to enable the delivery of faster alerts and preventive actions, while providing data that is vital to regular infrastructure and asset maintenance

Our advanced solution filters out all non-seismic noise to prevent false alerts and enable deployment in noisy, urban environments, further enhancing overall accuracy while neutralizing non-seismic “noise blinds”

Our system features shake intensity maps to rapidly and precisely locate the most impacted areas, dramatically optimizing the focus and deployment of first responders

Our monitoring dashboards are easy to use and understand to ensure a clear situation picture while streaming critical real-time data necessary for optimal C2 functionality

Our solution incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve system performance over time, while contributing to an unparalleled level of consistency and precision 

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