SeismicAI Company

Revolutionizing Disaster Preparedness

SeismicAI, established in 2014, is a provider of innovative Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEW). Our EEW as-a-service solutions accurately alert for earthquakes anywhere in the world. Our patented regional algorithms utilize local sensors to issue high-precision alerts for disaster preparedness.

By enabling more time for preventive actions, whether triggered automatically or performed manually, SeismicAI enables extensive monetary savings for the organization.

Our solutions support business continuity and disaster preparedness for business and public organizations. They reduce injuries and casualties, mitigate insurance risk, prevent fires, explosions and environmental damage, potentially reducing non-structural damage by up to 50%.

The system covers the full early warning cycle - from monitoring and reporting, through alerts, to optionally triggering automated preventive actions.

SeismicAI early alert technology was developed by leading seismologic experts and business professionals.

Variety of Applications & Industries

SeismicAI can upgrade existing seismic monitoring networks to real-time EEW systems swiftly and cost-effectively, or deploy a new seismic network as required. Our solutions cater to a variety of business industries, including oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, commercial real estate and mines. it also provides custom solutions for the public sector, including smart city integration, public buildings, first responders and transportation.

Worldwide Disaster Preparedness Deployments

SeismicAI earthquake detection and early alert solution is deployed worldwide. The company collaborates with a variety of universities, research institutes and civil protection organizations, and cooperates with government agencies to develop national EEW systems.

Global Offices

SeismicAI offices are located worldwide, in order to provide close support to local business endeavors and customers:


Our headquarters in Tel Aviv hold our management, R&D, sales and marketing teams. The office is located in central Tel Aviv, close to Tel Aviv University, supporting its long-term, ongoing collaboration with SeismicAI.


Our office in Mexico is based on a joint venture with Vase Sismica, a local company specializing in seismic instrumentation and application. This strategic alliance enhances SeismicAI collaborations with local enterprises, government and public entities in Mexico.


Our US offices hold our business development and sales teams. Through this office, we collaborate with our customers and business partners in the US, including oil and gas alliances, research institutions, and more.

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